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LLP 289: What are your Second-quarter Goals?

So let's talk about your second-quarter goals…

Before the beginning of the year 2023, we did an episode wherein I told you my goals and plans for this year. In that same episode and in the ones that followed, I also told you the importance of taking responsibility for why things that you have planned go one way or another.

Now, three months have already passed and we are officially in the second quarter of this year. And as anyone who knows me knows, if I do not teach you the importance of tracking, assessing, and taking accountability for how you are achieving your goals, I’d be remiss.

That’s why for today’s podcast episode, I’ll be talking to you about how my first quarter went, how things are going, and how I plan to do things in the second quarter of this year–all while also sharing how you can do better for your own plans.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Find out where Dr. Berry is in terms of his goals for 2023 while getting tips on how you can track yours;
  • Learn the value of always asking for help in order to make progress on things that you want to achieve; and
  • Be empowered to do more and know that you still have more opportunities this year if your first three months didn’t quite go as planned

“I see a lot of tweets and posts like, ‘Wow, the calendar’s moving’. No, it’s moving the same as it moves every year. The question is, how intentionally are we moving while the calendar is moving?”– Dr. Berry Pierre

Notable Quotes:

“A lot of us’ biggest hurdle is we will not ask for help when we need help. We will just rack up our brains and sit in the same position we’re in for days, weeks, and months because of our pride in not asking for help. I don’t want y’all to do that” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“We got three more quarters to go, which means that we have three more opportunities to improve upon what was good; but more importantly, to improve on what is bad.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“When I stress about the good stuff, I don’t want you to just do the good stuff one time and then not think of it again. I want you to keep doing the good stuff over and over and over again. That’s really the name of the game” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“You are never going to improve upon yourself if you don’t acknowledge the things that need to be improved upon or things that you need to do less of.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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