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LLP334: Why You Don’t Trust Your Doctor

So, let’s talk about the doctor-patient relationship.

Even in the year 2023, despite the advancements in the field of medicine, many people still just can’t trust doctors. And I have to admit, most of the reasons for that are on us.

And just a couple of weeks ago, while attending different conferences, my mind was blown by the sheer amount of people who said that they made a pivot in their life based on a direction from a doctor. Hearing people say “I don’t trust this guy”, “I don’t trust what he’s telling me”, and “I kept persevering despite what a doctor told me” hit me like a punch in the gut.

So join me for today’s episode, as I talk about some of the reasons that I think people don’t trust doctors while giving some of my rationale behind it.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Find out why you should never take information from the internet as an alternative to a healthcare professional’s advice;
  • Understand why acknowledging the long history between medicine and African-American people is crucial in regaining their trust in the healthcare system;
  • Understand the importance of clear and proper communication, and why it is the doctor who should always adjust the doctor-patient relationship

“The patient isn’t the one who should have to adjust in the doctor-patient relationship. It should be the doctor who has to adjust.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

Notable Quotes:

“Because information is accessible to everyone, and is free for the most part, you can have an instance where misinformation will lead you away from those in the professional business.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Unfortunately, doctors have been put on the front line of a lot of negative media attention associated with healthcare. And unfortunately, it’s something that hasn’t seemed to improve or hasn’t seemed to change, if you ask me.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“I understand that if your political influence can influence you to act a certain way outside of medicine, best believe – and even though I know that doctors will try to tell you that they are doing a great job – that that political influence is going to impact how they take care of the patients in front of them.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“We got some historical baggage that we still have to unload. And I don’t want people to forget it… I don’t want people to act like it never happened. It was the foundation of medicine to treat minorities – especially black patients – badly and wrong.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“If you keep a patient who has the same race or same gender, they’re more likely to trust their healthcare professional.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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