So, let's talk about the struggles of being neurodivergent and Black, and how advocacy can help make a world that’s truly accepting, loving, and just…

As a mother to two neurodivergent Black sons and being neurodivergent herself, Cheryl Poe, MS, has gone through firsthand experiences of how cruel the world can get for disabled individuals.

Not to mention that it actually gets tougher when you also happen to be Black.

Quoting her words—it’s a struggle; it’s a fight—especially for our children whose schools promote microaggressions and racist acts.

But this has to stop. Change needs to happen. Work needs to be done.

So, join us today as we refuse to be victims of the system. Together, let us fight for our rights.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Discover the cruel experiences and struggles neurodivergent people face in their day-to-day, especially kids, and when they also happen to be Black;
  • Recognize the true meaning of allyship, and why it’s important that we learn how to advocate for Black people the right way; and
  • Find out how you can join the “Breaking Barriers Together” conference, happening this August 23rd-25th through the Whoa app

“It’s a fight. It’s a struggle. But it has to be done. And there’s a way to do it to preserve yourself, [and] there’s definitely a way to do it to protect your child.” – Cheryl Poe, MS

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Intro: Welcoming today’s awesome guest, Ms. Cheryl Poe, MS

01:52 – An advocate and an activist: Cheryl Poe, MS introduces herself as she speaks about the experience of being Black and neurodivergent in a white-centered society

04:20 – White-centeredness in public schools and how they impose assumptions of racism against Black people

12:22 – On breaking the barriers that hinder the Black community in being able to develop change: We aren’t going to stand for the ‘norm’ anymore

14:30 – Just because it’s white doesn’t mean it’s right: The backstory behind Cheryl’s decision to go the special education and advocacy route  

23:55 – It’s the ‘why’: The importance of understanding context and not immediately branding people as bad

25:51 – Cheryl on how overtly racist Virginia is when it comes to special education and Black kids

29:38 – Advocating While Black Project and the true meaning of allyship

37:04 – Breaking Barriers Together: A Special Education Advocacy Conference for the Black Disabled Community

43:22 – A message for parents: “You need to challenge those suspensions”

52:08 – Breaking Barriers Together is happening on August 23rd-25th! Purchase your tickets now by clicking this link:

52:43 – Learn more about the Advocating While Black Project by visiting their website here:

56:21 – You got to be at Cheryl’s conference this August! Here’s WHY


“In numbers, we can see change.” – Cheryl Poe, MS

“An allyship is being a white person and acknowledging that racism exists and that there are things that can be done and that you’re willing to do it.” – Cheryl Poe, MS

“We need to figure out what’s happening. What is the trigger? What is the cause? [And] how do we remove that barrier so that the child can continue to stay in this educational setting like his peers and learn and grow?” – Cheryl Poe, MS

“To me, that’s what our community does. Our community uplifts and supports each other.” – Cheryl Poe, MS

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