For our first medical topic for 2023, I am going back to the biggest, most widespread, and most talked about medical issue for the past three years; and that is COVID-19.

When you go out in the streets, you’ll see that a lot of people don’t wear masks anymore; a lot of people don’t even do social distancing anymore. But the reality is that while there may seem like a lot of “not worrying” occurring in this country, we are still facing the same repercussions we faced three years ago.

And for that reason, I find it essential that I talk to you about COVID to again remind you that the pandemic is not yet over.

Jump in as I give you the latest things that you need to know about the COVID situation globally and here in the United States.

In this episode, we talk about the latest updates on the statistics, the variants, and the latest CDC guidelines for COVID.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Know the latest statistics on COVID: the total cases, deaths, and vaccinations;
  • Learn about the differences between the different vaccines and the different COVID variants; and
  • Find out why it is important for you to get vaccinated and boosted right now while the government is still paying for it

“For a lot of people, it’s [COVID-19] just an abstract issue. It’s just a disease that they’ve heard about. But once you start breaking down the numbers into them and seeing just how prevalent it is not only here in the United States but across the world, then I think it ties in a little bit more.” –Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:28 – Updates on COVID-19: Where we’re at, where we’ve gotten so far, and what more to expect

01:38 – Total number of cases globally and locally 

02:58 – Total number of deaths globally and locally

04:49 – Total number of vaccinations globally and locally

07:18 – Herd Immunity: If we were able to slow the transmission of disease and do it in a quick enough manner, we wouldn’t have had to worry about subsequent variants

09:51 – The available COVID vaccines in the United States, and the differences between them

13:45 – Get vaccinated while you have the chance: Companies are raising prices, and the government is still funding it

16:22 – What’s going on in China? The largest outbreaks of COVID since the beginning of the pandemic

19:45 – Essential factors to know about the massive COVID outbreaks in China

21:14 – XBB 1.5: What we know about the new COVID variant spreading in the USA

23:55 – Delta Variant vs. Omicron variant: The key differences

25:02 – We’re already in the year 2023, but we are still dealing with the repercussions of 2020

27:20 – Quick update on CDC COVID guidelines

Notable Quotes:

“We’re going to hit the 3-year mark pretty soon on when the vaccine touched down here in this country, and we still have those lingering questions. We still have those issues of people feeling stressed, feeling concerned; especially those people who are immunocompromised, and people who have pre-existing conditions that may make it worse for them if they happen to pick up COVID. They are still scared and worried.”- Dr. Berry Pierre

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