Welcome back, Lunch and Learn community! This is our very first episode of Medicine Mondays this 2023.

After I talked about my personal goals in the previous episode, I believe it's time that I let you know about the great things that await you as we welcome another year together.

From an increase in our content to a more benefit-rich community in platforms that allow live interactions, there's just no stopping when it comes to our journey towards better health!

So dive into this episode as we talk about the things to expect for a more empowered and fruitful 2023. 

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Take a sneak peek at what Dr. Berry has in store for 2023;
  • Discover what Dr. Berry's Patreon community is all about; and
  • Find out what incentives are in line for each tier in the Patreon community 

“Keeping you up to date on what’s going on is going to be a strong point for us in 2023… Everything that keeps happening continues to happen, and I want to make sure that I am your driving force on medical information.” –Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

01:29 – This week’s focus: What to expect from Dr. Berry and Pierre Medical Consulting this 2023

03:10 – YouTube: This year, we will bring a lot more video content, specifically for YouTube

06:10 – Patreon: We will also launch our very own three-tier Patreon community this year

06:55 – Tier #1, Friend of the Lunch and Learn Community: Get access to old and new content, and to a private Discord community where you can be in touch with Dr. Berry

08:36 – Tier #2, Premium: Access to all of Tier 1's benefits, early access to new episodes, Q & A sessions with Dr. Berry, merch, a bonus episode on top of the regular program's monthly frequency, and behind-the-scenes 

09:55 – Tier #3, VIP: Access to all contents of Tier 1&2, associate producer status, at least 2 bonus episodes, discounts for live or virtual events, and behind-the-scenes 

11:55 – Guest appearances: More guest appearances for our shows this year, and there would be Patreon-exclusive content depending on the guest or topics


Lunch and Learn Patreon Family

Notable Quotes:

“A lot of us have the same questions… You might think that you are the only person concerned about it… But then you get into a community and when you look around, you’ll be like ‘wow, a lot more people are experiencing the same thing that I have been experiencing.” Dr. Berry Pierre

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