Dealing with expensive hospital bills

On this episode of Real Physician Reacts we are going to be talking about one of the significant issues in health care and that is the cost of being uninsured or underinsured.

Today we are going to be discussing a video that came across my feed on TikTok where someone who is uninsured ends up getting a bill for over 100K after spending less than 48 hours in the hospital .

Take a look at some of these stats associated with medical debt

  • Almost 60% of US adults have had medical debt at some point in their life.
  • 70% of Americans with medical bills had to cut their food expenses to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Two-thirds of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills.
  • 20% of medical bankruptcy filers are in the 55+ age group.
  • Almost half of those who filed for medical bankruptcy cite hospital bills as their most considerable expense.
  • 39% of Americans are more worried about medical bills than Covid-19.
  • Americans spend an average of $5,000 a year on out-of-pocket healthcare costs.


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