Who among you here had an experience wherein you’re sitting in your doctor’s office and your doctor is facing his screen, typing things away? Everything you say, he listens to, but his fingers are still busy typing, mainly because he knows he doesn’t have the ability to just listen for now and write notes later.

But imagine now that he has a ‘buddy’ helping him do those things, from taking notes to creating plans based on his recommendations. Imagine he’s now able to focus specifically on the patient in front of him, which are you… Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Doesn’t that sound like a better future? Doesn’t that sound like a life we’d all want to live in? Although we’re not there yet, it’s possible; I want us to get there.

As we step into a more technology-driven life at present, there’s no denying that artificial intelligence continues to prove how it can be of great help to humankind. There’s just so much that technology can do nowadays, and yes, even the practice of medicine can be changed for the better only if we’ll be ready enough to accept artificial intelligence both as physicians and patients.

In this day and age, we cannot allow ourselves to fall behind and allow technology to further advance other sectors of our way of life and not advance the way of life in regard to medicine and healthcare. Join us today as we discuss how technology can take the practice of medicine to another level.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Recognize how big of a game changer technology is in changing the practice of medicine, making things better and easier both for the patients and physicians;
  • Understand how AI can be of help but also hurt the manpower in the field; and
  • Find out why the path towards medicine and technology marrying each other is the path that should be taken in the practice

“There are some good things on the horizon with AI. We just have to, as patients, kind of demand it, and as physicians, we have to be ready to accept it as well.” –Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Today’s topic: Medicine and technology/Artificial Intelligence (AI)

02:31 – How AI can help us become more precise in our medical decisions

05:42 – How AI can help by processing language and vast amounts of data

11:06 – How AI can help us with clinical recommendations and support systems

12:45 – How AI can help us in prescription, drug creation, and treatment

16:54 – The benefits of telemedicine in general, an actual representation of how technology makes things easier for the patient

19:39 – Real-life scenario: How AI can help the radiologist

24:39 – Real-life scenario: How AI can hurt the radiologist

26:24 – Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below/join the Patreon community now

Notable Quotes:

“Imagine that your doctor has this technological partner on the back side, the AI, being able to help your doctor make better and even smarter decisions… I’m a fan of that. This is definitely where medicine needs to and will go.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“In this day and age, we cannot allow ourselves to fall behind and allow technology to further advance other sectors of our way of life and not advance the way of life in regards to medicine and healthcare.”- Dr. Berry Pierre

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