Are you an avid fan of Dr. Berry’s blogs and videos?

Do you learn a lot from his content, but haven’t really heard his story yet?

Or maybe you’ve seen one of his episodes, then you asked yourself, “Who is this person talking here with all this informative content?”

With now 200+ episodes, it makes sense that you only got to check the most recent ones uploaded, so sit back and relax, because you’re in for an awesome treat today!

Get to know Dr. Berry as he re-introduces himself and welcomes you to this space.

Tune in as he shares his story, focusing on why he’s so passionate about educating, and find out why it’s life-changing that physicians like him do it, too, nowadays.

Dr. Berry Pierre is a Black Doctor, a Father, and an Educator. He is a board-certified Internist, and is the host of “Medicine Mondays” and “Real Physician Reacts”. Dr. Berry has made it his mission to empower you to take control of your health one disease at a time.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Here, you’ll get to know Dr. Berry – your favorite board-certified Internist and host of Medicine Mondays and Real Physician Reacts – better;
  • You’ll understand the reason why Dr. Berry does this video and audio podcast thing, as well as being active and visible on social media, and why it’s important for a physician like him to do so; and
  • You’ll discover Dr. Berry’s podcasting journey – from the overflowing passion that led him here, to the steps he’s gone through to make this happen, especially with how his public health degree played a huge role in how he became the physician that he is today

“This is why I wanted health care – especially physicians – to get online because there needs to be a voice out there of reason, a voice of intelligence, a voice of stability when things like these are happening across the world.”

– Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

01:48 – A Re-Introduction: Who is Dr. Berry Pierre? How did his public health degree ignite a passion in him to create impact in a much wider space, further than the walls of traditional healthcare?

03:37 – Writing the Free Thoughts Out: Dr. Berry talks about blogging, mentioning how he made it happen, starting from his early days in medical school to writing, still, in the present time

05:30 – To Watch or To Listen: Dr. Berry shares the backstory on how he started recording videos – saving them under Lunch and Learn – to then repurposing his content into an audio podcast

08:53 – The Biggest Driver: Why does Dr. Berry need to have a podcast? Why does he need to have a video? Why does he need to continue to write stuff?

11:01 – On Gaining Attention: Dr. Berry explains why it’s important for health care – especially physicians – to speak and spread their voice online, as he relates it to how deadly misinformation is

12:46 – All the Motivation He Needs: “If I can just help one more person, one more family, make the credible decision to take care of themselves, I've done all the work I can.”

15:13 – What’s Next: “I can assure you that it's going to keep going. I have no indication, no inclination to stop any time soon.”

Notable Quotes:

“I just did not feel complete if I didn't do my all.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Your patients understand that you are human. And if your patients understand you are human, they're going to understand, like ‘the same account that’s telling me medical staff may also tell me something about politics, may also tell me something about music, may also tell me something about a sporting event,’ because that's how a human typically works. If you want to have the social media platforms where literally all you talk about is this one thing, you can do so, but understand that kind of keeps you limited.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“I talk about how deadly misinformation is. And the reason why – as a health professional – we got to take some of that blame [is] because we're not there because we were not online because we were not active, we allowed people who were active but were uneducated or did not have the professional credibility to be saying the stuff they say to kind of just run their mouth and then gain an audience.” – Dr. Berry Pierre“It's very important to kind of hear people get it from our perspective, because for too long, the physician perspective has been absent, and the lack of expertise because of it has been detrimental and cost a lot of lives.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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