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LLP 236: The Routine Doctor’s Visit with Dr. Berry Pierre

Let's talk about routine doctor's visits…

In this episode of Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry, we are going to be talking about the most important visit you can make to your doctor’s office. We are going to be kind of piggybacking off our last couple of episodes where we talked about high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which kind of leads into the reason why we need to discuss it, because, during this visit, we're going to ask all of the questions and important things needed to be done during this exam.

The “routine” doctor's appointment is so unlike the ordinary visit you would have while visiting your doctor. For many people, getting your health in order for the whole year begins with your annual exam.

From a medical professional's viewpoint, this is the routine appointment where I can spend the most time with my patient and actually be compensated for doing so.

However, the patient's perspective is that this is the regular appointment when you may discuss all of your concerns with your doctor that you generally don't have time to do so during any quick appointments you may have.

Today, we'll discuss the unique aspects of this appointment, including the questions you may anticipate being asked, the normal blood tests, and the diagnostic exams based on age, race, and gender that are required.

This podcast aims to educate you on the ensuing discussions;

  • The importance of making the doctors visit a routine
  • Why some much emphasis on the annual visit?
  • Why does your doctor get to spend so much time with you during that visit?
  • What are some of the questions you should expect during this exam?
  • What are some of the common labs and diagnostic tests ordered during your annual exam?
  • Why do you need to make a routine out of it?

Listen to the conclusion of this episode because I'll be bringing you a special podcast titled “The Routine Doctor's Visit with Dr. Berry Pierre” that will give some advice and guidance on how to enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

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