LLP005: Why testosterone is so important to the morning quickie


Quite often when a man walks in my office his reasoning usually falls under 2 categories, his partner/wife/mother(yes mother)/close family member brought him here or he wouldn't be here and some sexual function issues. We are going to talk about the second reason today. Unless you haven't been connected to any form of technology in the past 5 years than you have probably seen/heard a commercial promoting boosting a man's testosterone levels. Testosterone is the key word today. On this episode I am talking about the infamous low “T”, you will hear my thoughts on getting testosterone supplements, when you should actually be concerned about low testosterone & what foods can improve it.




In this episode you will learn:

  • The benefits 
  • Signs and symptoms of low testosterone
  • Who should be treated
  • What foods can boost testosterone
  • Side effects of testosterone replacement therapy

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