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LLP006: Why you are having sleep issues and what you can do about it

One of the common questions I ask my patients right before the encounter is over is how their sleep is. For a few of them they respond that their sleep is amazing & probably sleep a bit too much but for most of them sleep problems have become such a common thing that they they just deal with it. Whether it be that they have trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep the results are still the same. The dream of getting 8 hours of sleep are something that they have never experierenced. If I had a penny for everytime one of my patients asked how they could get a good night sleep I'd be rich. I think one of my worst cases of sleep disorders was a patient who begin to have heart rhythm abnormalities that only occurred when they were trying to go to sleep. On today's episode we talk about some of the common reasons why you can't sleep & just how detrimental it can be for your health over the long run. You also be surprised to hear some of the tips that may help you starting getting a better night's rest today.



In this episode you will learn:

  • The benefits of testosterone
  • Signs and symptoms of low testosterone
  • Who should be treated
  • What foods can boost testosterone
  • Side effects of testosterone replacement therapy

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