LLP104: Bridging the Gap with Dr. Shanicka Scarbrough

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    On this week's episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry we have Dr. Shanicka Scarbrough, better known as America's Favorite Family Physician to bless the podcast with some wisdom and knowledge.

    As we take in another month of April we recognize National Minority Health Month and I figured who better to discuss the importance of focusing on minority care & physicians than Dr. Shanicka.

    As the medical director for, she works tirelessly to connect culturally competent physicians to patients and vice versa. Dr. Shanicka recognized the need to act on this void of information between the willing parties and continues to be essential in bridging the gap.

    Her love to support those in need aren't just centered here in the United States as you will get to here about her many passport stamps over the years.

    Listen to the end as she discusses her love for growth & guidance and how it helped propel her to write not just one or two books but twelve in a year.

    This is definitely and episode that you will enjoy.

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