I just recently passed the two year mark as an attending physician (someone who completed residency) so I did a quick reflection on just what learned thus far.

  1. I still don't know it all 
    • They type A person inside assumed by the 2 year mark I probably wouldn't have to open up epocrates or uptodate again but it is still apart of my daily armamentarium 
  2. I appreciate my old attending physicians even more
    • As a resident and even a student you don't really appreciate the little tricks and tips your attendings give to you until you realize 3-4 years you can still pull it out of your head verbatim. A while ago I wrote about one of my favorite attendings Dr. Kanner but I definitely have a few more I could and probably will write about. 
  3. Teaching is becoming an even more attractive proposition
    • I laughed at the idea as a medical school that I could even teach let alone be a good one but as I continue to mentor/teach more premeds and medical students I can definitely see myself teaching courses in the future. 
  4. Medicine is a poorly ran business 
    • As a student you hear about some of the deficiencies in medicine but I swear they have been sugar coating the issue. I got my Master's in Public Health and my thesis was centered on program evaluation. I promise you that I could probably write a book already about the inefficiencies in medicine. 
  5. To accept that I am my patient's expert
    • Fresh out of residency the first thing I thought “just don't kill anybody”. And even though I had been training for 3 years in residency &  studied all the time in medical school I was still nervous that maybe I didn't known enough. It wasn't until I realized that a majority of my patients no NOTHING about medicine, that fact alone should reassure residents/fellows out there. 
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